Become a Campus Leader

Campus Leader are people who want to add value to the community by spreading awareness and gather people with same mindset to work towards it. People who wants to take and give back to the community at the same time are most welcome to join us!

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What does a Campus Leader Stands for?

Leaders at Eduhub Community are people with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to add value to the community by spreading awareness about the cause and gather like-minded people to work towards it. Above all, Campus Leaders lead-by-example and influence people by their contribution to the community.

● Digital marketing (managing college specific FB page, emails, Whatsapp, etc.)

● Conducting workshops, (Session on programming), and seminars in your College.

● Organizing and Promoting Eduhub Community events on campus. Connect us with programming clubs and placement cells at your college.

● Involve students from first to a final year to actively participate in Eduhub Community activities and contributions.
● Contributions can manifold like: ↳ Articles
↳ Technical blogs
↳ Projects
↳ New programming problems
↳ Interview experiences
↳ Videos
↳ Programming codes etc.

Here’s what we expect out of a true Campus Leader:
Enthusiasm to go social while building and contributing to the community with their skill.

⇒ Initiative taker:- A Leader should always have a way of talking people out of problems and leading them to do the same for others.

⇒ Community Builder:- A true leader should identify the resources available within the community, and use them to help build a better & more helpful one.

⇒ Resource Seeker:- Most sought out value for a Leader - a giving personality and an effort maker, making anything possible with the given resources.

⇒ Investor:- Should be up & ready to take initiative and invest their time and effort into building a community.

Benefits of being Campus Leader

How to become a Campus Leader

First fill the form provided in the website.
If shortlisted, We will be conducting an online interview with you and some basic questions will be aksed like "Why do you want to become Campus Leader?",
"What is your motivation behind it" etc. If selected, You will get an email regarding your selection and you will be the part of our Community!