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Empower Your Blockchain & Open-Source Journey with India's Largest Community Of Enthusiast People. We are Bridging the Gap between Tech Industry & Student Communities, Platform for Students to Learn new Skills, Network With Industry Professionals and grow as an individual.


Our Unique Aspects

A Place where you can Learn, meet passionate individuals, Build Real World Products, and Grow as an Individual.

Web3 & Blockchain

Assisting Startups & Providing them a MarketPlace. Helping Web3 Enthusiast to become a Blockchain Developer.

Open Source

Helping Developers & Organizations to Levrage the Power Of Open Source & Expand their Horizon.


Connecting with Diverse Communities Of Creative Minds to Network, Share Ideas, and Gain Valuable Insights.

Community Collaborations

Collaborating with Different Tech Communities & Helping them Grow together.

Campus Connect

Empowering Campuses with Industry Experts & Giving Real World Exposure.

Tech Events

Making Knowledge Accessible amongst Developers in our Events.


About Our Ecosystem

Empowering Every Individual Because You dont Need Fancy Tags to Make an Impact :)


“Eduhub Community- The Journey Zero to Hero”

It’s a community for learners by learners. The vision of this community is to build an environment where people can learn, implement and grow together. It provides people the opportunity to work with peers, showcase their talent and enhance their skills by working in-team. We promote Open source, Web3, Web dev culture through our community. #letstakeyouforward


"Helping Individuals To Grow"

We are on a mission to empower the next generation to discover better ways to Learn, Earn, and Network! Helping Startups & Organizations to build a Community around their Product


"Core Values"

Be Bold: Don't be afraid Of what other's say, don't wait for anyone's permission- If you want to get it dont then do it!!

Collaboration >> Competition: Great things happen when people come together!!


Wanna Say Hi To The BackBone Of Eduhub Community?!

The people who're Consistently Pushing Their Limits to Take Eduhub to Next Level.

Sahitya Roy


Priya Chandak


Shivank Kapur

Community Manager


Event Gallery

Even though the number of initiatives we've taken is quite high and not enough to display here, but still let's have a glimpse :)


What Our Members Say?

Let's have a look at what does an average Eduhub Member say about us 🤔?

“Eduhub is really a lovely community. I’ve learned many skills and networked with many people because of the community. Keep up the good work

Anuradha Jadon

Systems Engineer @Tata Consultancy Service.


“I can't express how grateful I am to be a part of this incredible community. It's not just a group; it's a support system, a source of inspiration, and a place to thrive. They are very good at commitments and deliver some amazing results to the organization.

Sounak Ghosh

Developer Relations Engineer @Nordek.


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