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About Us

“Eduhub Community”
It’s a community for learners by learners. The vision of this community is to build an environment where people can learn, implement and grow together. It provides people the opportunity to work with peers, showcase their talent and enhance their skills by working in-team. We promote Open source, Web3, Web dev culture through our community. #letstakeyouforward

Open Source

Our motivation is to funnel learning through development skills, that can solve real-world problems.

Code Collab

Collaborative working that helps you develop showcase-worthy work.


India’s smartest student community, to learn, grow and solve real world problems together.


Learn the basics of building your dApps, pitch your ideas, brainstorming with likeminded people, and much more!

Our Aim


Your network is your net worth!
Build a strong network and interact with numerous like minded people. As we already know that software development professionals flourish by networking, likewise, we help you in connecting with people who matter via our online/offline events.


With our masterclass or sessions, you can explore different fields and learn many more things which will eventually benefit you in various aspects. Join niche clubs, interact with experts, explore, network with high-profile and ambitious individuals, get internships, and join India’s largest community all for free!
What are you waiting for?

Community-based learning

Work, study and learn together. Bounce ideas off each other. From helping you find internships to working on projects, find your next circle here.

Our Initiatives

We encourage people to share about their skills or any good work they do in their life so that many more opportunites will come up in your life. Do share about your achievements on social media

Internship opportunity

We are launching our internships on 1 March 2022, we will provide Tech internships as well as non-tech internships with certificates and many more things.

Campus Leaders

Campus Leaders at Eduhub are people with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to add value to the community by spreading awareness about the cause and gathering like-minded people to work towards it.


We organise workshops, sessions, mentorship, hackathons everything free of cost. We also periodically organise community meetings for our core members.

Chapter Lead

Chapter Leaders at eduhub community are people with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to add value to the community by spreading awareness about the cause and gathering like minded people to work towards it.

Our Events

Crypto Carnival Kolkata

Eduhub Community is back again with another meet-up in Crypto 🤩 In collaboration with MyCat, #CryptoCarnival To increase crypto adoption In India with a large motivation.

Eduhub Tech Conference

Conference with Mr. Sandeep Jain Founder of GeeksforGeeks

#letstakeyouforward is not just a hashtag it's a sentiment it's a feeling that we are proud off.

Our Co founders Priya and Sahitya Building India’s Largest Education tech Community Eduhub


In Our community we offer you interactive webinars, workshops and much more. So, stay tuned with us and contribute in our events. Learn real-life skills from experts, join clubs, hangout and network with smart people and learn while having fun
Get a chance to meet and learn from industry experts LIVE for FREE

Opening ceremony at University of Lagos

About Event
"An initiative to contribute to the open source community by providing training, guidance, and awareness about the possibilities in the field of software to students.

Roadmap for CSE Students

About Speaker
"Abdul bari sir is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. "

Open source and Hands on Github

About Speaker
"Sahitya Roy is Founder of eduhub community."

Opportunities Roadmap for 2nd & 3rd years

About Speaker
" Vibali Joshi is an upcoming SWE Intern'22 @Microsoft, PM intern @CueMath and WIT LEad @GDSC-IIEST."


Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. Our team and mentors are experts in Open Source field and are working on different tech stacks currently. .

Priya Chandak


Sahitya Roy



Eduhub Community is a child for me building this community helps me a lot to grow in my community journey, networking with various community leads many more stuffs :)

Sahitya Roy


I have learn a lot in the journey, i develop my communication skill as well as my management skill, its an amazing experience.

Priya Chandak


"Eduhub Community" is FILLING THE GAP which was meant to be filled by the professors of the same domain. To all of their efforts: "Very much appreciated"

Anuradha Jadon

Community Manager

It was an amazing experience with Eduhub they will clear your each and every doubt, and the content was also super. Excited to join Eduhub.

Nandini Agarwal

Campus Leaders

Leaders at Eduhub Community are people with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to add value to the community by spreading awareness about the cause and gather like-minded people to work towards it. Above all, Campus Leaders lead-by-example and influence people by their contribution to the community.

Benefits of Becoming a Campus Leader


Frequently Asked Questions about the Community !

  • Eduhub is a international community we provide peer to peer learning sessions for students also we organize several talk session Hackakhons etc.

  • We are registered under MSME Govt of India and also under Rajasthan Govt and are associated with startup India, also we are collaborating with IEM UEM group as well as university of Lagos and GiveMyCeryificate, dataprotocol etc. to expand the community and provide a fantabulous experience.

  • After joining this community you get to work with our core team on different prospects, also you get international exposure and multiple such fantastic things.


Our Address

Chomu Udaipuria Mod, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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